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2014 Emerging Artist Residency

This resulted in the most exciting work that I have ever made. With the largest amount of attention I have ever received. It has been one of the best experiences of both my life and my career as an emerging artist.
- James Sprang, Artist in Residence 2014

Meet The Residents

Andrea Arrubla

I find that in order to follow my philosophy of sincerity in art I cannot tie myself to just one medium. Although I begin with a personal or anecdotal idea, I find that the work often transcends the intimate and enters various themes that are beginning to emerge in our global converstaions such as immigration, language, and the democratization and accessibility of art.



Fiction is the material of choice for JULIACKS who creates narrative universes using the mediums of filmmaking, multi-media performance installations, comics and theater in North America and Europe that are screened, exhibited and performed in museums, galleries, cinemas, theaters, abandoned spaces and open fields. Her current project is Architecture of an Atom, a trans-media story and gesammtkunstwerk made up a feature film, a series of drawn/painted/printed images (a comic book box set) and the short film and performance 'infinite whistle' series. Directly after the residency with BHQFU she is moving to Amsterdam for two years to join the De Ateliers residency program.


Sean J Patrick Carney

Sean J Patrick Carney is a concrete comedian, visual artist, and writer living and working in Brooklyn, NY. His practice includes stand-up comedy, video, sculpture, and multiple other forms of media. He is the founder and director of Social Malpractice Publishing. His works and performances have been exhibited at multiple venues including MOCA, Los Angeles; the Rauschenberg Foundation, New York; Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago; and White Columns, New York.


Kim Junsung

Born 1987 in Seoul. Lives and works in New York.


James Allister Sprang

James Allister Sprang is an artist born in Brooklyn, New York and raised in Miami, Florida. His work comprises photography, poetry, and performance as a means to navigate the processes in which our voices are appropriated, suppressed, and/or amplified. For the BHQFU residency he will finalize a rap mixtape tentatively titled Life Does Not Live. Sprang has been The Wooster Group's first Fellow. Sprang has also featured in two HBO documentaries based on the growth of young artists and has performed in venues such as the Apollo Theater, The Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art, The Miami Art Museum, and The Gusman Theater of Miami.